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During World War II, the tradition of singing the National Anthem at sporting events began as a way to show support for American troops. Jody Ingalls of Stories to Inspire Kentucky relives history with a 1940s rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Louisville Bats Slugger Field.

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Jody Ingalls performs Sentimental Journey: Songs that Brought the Boys Home, a one-woman show tracing the story of World War II through iconic songs of the era, performed in character by entertainers of the day.

All background audio tracks used by permission of www.karaokeversion.com and www.tencymusic.com

Jody Ingalls joins Senator Mitch McConnell in honoring WWII vet.

Performance of "There'll be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover," made popular by Vera Lynn in 1941 to honor WWII veteran Ralph Reese at a 2017 Lincoln Day's dinner.

Aluminum Overcast Elizabethtown event overview. B17 photos used by special arrangement with EAA.

National anthem by Jody Ingalls. Elizabethtown, KY WWII re-enactment. May 2019.

Jody Ingalls sings show clips from "Sentimental Journey: Songs that Brought the Boys Home."

Stories to Inspire Kentucky's recorded version of “(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover." Original song, made popular by Vera Lynn in 1942, was composed by Walter Kent with lyrics by Nat Burton.

Jody Ingalls sings "We'll Meet Again," made popular by Vera Lynn. Part of Jody's one-woman show, "Sentimental Journey," the song plays here with pictures of WWII heroes we've met and performed for with Stories to Inspire Kentucky. Visit our homepage for speaker and entertainment bookings.

Original song by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles.


Ft. Knox Fridays Video Series

Our Ft. Knox Fridays videos have been enjoyed by thousands on Facebook. We’re now publishing them on YouTube so we can share them here with you. Below is our first YouTube Ft. Knox Fridays post; come back soon for more as we transfer our favorites from Facebook.

Originally telling the story of Ft. Knox or Kentucky connected soldiers, Ft. Knox Fridays videos are expanding to share the stories of WWII and Korean War veterans we’ve met through our travels.

Stories to Inspire Kentucky shares the story of Korean War veteran Art Carlson and his WWII ship models in this Fort Knox Fridays video series episode.